What does Artist Encounter do?

We provide users with exclusive meet and greet information all across the nation. We want to keep people informed about these special events in their area so they can have the opportunity of a lifetime by meeting their favorite musicians.
How can I purchase tickets to a meet and greet event?
We do not sell or distribute any tickets for any show or event. We do, however provide the information you may need on how to purchase tickets.
Can I take a selfie with the artist?
Taking selfie, bringing items for artist to sign, and autographs in general are at the manager and/or artist’s discretion. They reserve the full right to deny any of these activities.

If a photo opportunity or autograph session is listed in the event, you are guaranteed to have your photo and autograph.

My photo was professionally taken at the event. Where can I view these pictures?

You can relive the moment all over again by viewing the pictures in our Photo Gallery. Each event will have its own album for viewing pleasure.

What if a show is cancelled?

We are not responsible for any event cancellations/postponements. In the event that a show is cancelled or postponed, users can contact us through our social media pages or through our contact page on the site and we can help spread the word.

How early should I arrive for the meet and greet?

Each event should provide specific details when the event starts. It is always recommended to get there early and plan accordingly.

What happens if I arrive late to the meet and greet?

It is very important to arrive early or be on time to the event! Plan accordingly.
If the meet and greet is still active by time you get there, try and talk to one of the employees so they can bring you to the right place.

I can’t attend the event anymore. Can I get a refund?

We are not responsible in any way for providing refunds or reimbursements. You will need to contact the venue or ticket holder company regarding refunds.

Do I need a ticket to the show in order to meet the artist?

Event types may vary. Depending on the show, you might or might not need a ticket to meet and greet the artist. Visit the specific event info for full information.

How can I stay connected with Artist Encounter?

You can subscribe to our bi-weekly email updates.
You can “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

If you have any other questions feel free to email us.

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